‘Political Correctness Ruining Canadian Cities: Victoria’

About 100 people have been camping on the lawn of the Victoria courthouse since the fall. (Megan Thomas-CBC)

Image: Megan Thomas-CBC

This story is unfortunately typical of the type of people that Canadians are electing these days, and the politicized judges who share their ideology. While the Victoria City Council concerns itself with tiny but vocal groups promoting ‘identity politics’, the province is trying to deal with a public safety issue affecting downtown Victoria:

‘Provincial government applies for early injunction to shut down Victoria tent city’

“The B.C. government has applied for an injunction to forcibly end the tent city on the Victoria courthouse lawn.

“In a statement, the province says it is seeking the injunction because the site is not in compliance with two fire safety orders issued in February and May.

“Based on the fire safety report, as well as concerns about site deterioration and public safety, the Province has spent the past week compiling further evidence and affidavits supporting the need to end the encampment,”

the statement from the ‘Ministry of Natural Gas Development and Responsible for Housing’ read.

“The Province is submitting 69 AFFIDAVITS that speak to the INCREASE IN CRIMINALITY and the deterioration of conditions at the site.”

Image: Vancouver Sun

Image: Vancouver Sun

“Hearing dates to see whether the injunction will be granted have been set for for June 27 and 28, the province said.

‘Officials say situation deteriorating’
“The tent city, home to about 100 mostly-homeless campers, sprang up in the fall, and neighbours, the province, VicPD and fire officials have reported increasing concerns as the camp dragged on.

“CAMPERS DEFIED A Feb. 25 DEADLINE TO LEAVE, and the province sought an injunction to evict them in April. That application was unsuccessful {??? Here again, we have the problem of judges who are more concerned with political correctness than public safety. See below…}.

“Neighbours demanded 24/7 security at the site, and the City of Victoria allotted VicPD $113,000 extra {paid for by law-abiding taxpayers} to police the site. Inspector Scott McGregor says criminal activity was rising,

“and we think that’s directly connected to a criminal element that has moved onto that site. Persons that are trafficking drugs.”


Image: Vancouver Sun

“In May, an officer suffered “non-life threatening injuries” making an arrest at the camp.
“Also in May, provincial fire inspector Bob Cooper conducted an inspection of the site that found it not to be in compliance with earlier orders.

“Overall, the danger to life created by the fire hazards is increasing and is considered to be only a matter of time before a serious fire incident occurs,” his report noted.

“On the same day the province applied for this latest injunction, city workers were seen installing electrical connections for flush toilets and hot showers {!?!}

“The province had a formal hearing date for an injunction to evict the campers set for Sept. 7, but moved up its application because of the growing concern.”

–‘Provincial government applies for early injunction to shut down Victoria tent city’,
Liam Britten, CBC News, June 03, 2016 {CAPS added}
Image: CBC



Image: CBC

‘B.C. judge refuses to order homeless off grounds of Victoria court’
{It should read ‘B.C. judge refuses to enforce the law’…}

“The B.C. Supreme Court’s top judge refused the province’s request to grant an injunction forcing the estimated 100 homeless campers from the courthouse lawn.

“Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled the government did not prove it will suffer irreparable harm if an interim injunction to remove the camp was not granted {The other residents of the city are suffering, you clueless twit!}.

“I find that the ‘balance of convenience’ {What a ridiculous phrase to use for a public safety issue…} weighs overwhelmingly in favour of the defendants,”

Hinkson said in his written decision.

“I therefore decline at this time to grant an injunction removing the individuals who are currently {illegally!} residing at the encampment from the courthouse green space.”

“Hinkson said he’s concerned that issuing an injunction would mean the homelessness problems would simply migrate to other areas of Victoria.

{But that’s NO BUSINESS of yours. You are simply required to rule properly on a legitimate legal request – something you seem incapable of because of your distracted focus on political and social, not legal, issues. Resign and enter politics if that is your choice, but stop abusing your position by imposing your political preferences on the people of B.C….}

“Camp resident David Smith said the ruling signals that municipal, provincial and federal governments must do more to provide housing for homeless people. {There is no legal obligation for government to do so. Take care of YOURSELF, you big baby…}

“Now is the turning point, potentially,” said Smith, who has been at the camp for six months {Have you looked for a job yet?}. “The city needs to put its act together and come up with a proper solution.”

{The solution is for you to get a job, so that you can pay for a residence like all the other socially-responsible citizens of Victoria…}

“The camp has been growing since last spring when many of the city’s homeless who were sleeping in parks moved to the courthouse property and started building a more ‘permanent community’ that included tents and a common gathering area with a fire.
{All of it illegal…and all of it tolerated by authorities elected and appointed to enforce the law…}

“Lawyer Catherine Boies Parker, hired by the {taxpayer-funded} ‘Together Against Poverty Society’ to represent the more than two dozen people named as defendants in the government’s application, told campers that their personal stories about homelessness helped sway the ruling in their favour.

“It is all about your stories and why it’s important to be here and what a good job you’re doing taking care of the camp,” she said. “It is a lovely judgment.”

“Lawyers for the government told the judge they needed the injunction because campfires and a lack of facilities have created a health hazard and that there’s criminal activity such as drug trafficking around the camp.

“The injunction application claimed people living in the camp are trespassing {They don’t ‘CLAIM’ it – it’s FACT!} and have defied requests and orders to leave the property {Again — factual!}, despite the government’s offer of other housing {!!!}.

“Despite the ruling, the government has asked the court to hear arguments for a permanent injunction for camping on the courthouse grounds at a trial set for September.

“Citizens’ Services Minister Amrik Virk said the government has found shelter space for 150 people and provided rent supplement payments to another 40 campers.

“The permanent injunction application is going to be heard on Sept. 7, but in the interim we’re going to continue to look for housing options,” he said. {But that’s not government’s job…}

“Victoria city bylaws permit camping overnight in parks if shelters are full but require people to pack up every morning. The courthouse grounds are provincial property and are not subject to the bylaws.

“Residents living near the courthouse camp are organizing a community meeting to voice their concerns about the camp they call A GOVERNMENT-CREATED GHETTO.”

–‘B.C. judge refuses to order homeless off grounds of Victoria court’,
Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press, April 5, 2016 {CAPS added}


Image: CBC

Image: CBC

Across the bridge:
‘Victoria waterfront park left dark after thieves strip wires for copper’

“Copper thieves hit Gorge Park in Victoria this week, stripping lamp posts and damaging the system to the point that it must now be replaced.

“The way they went about it is forcing us to look at trying to replace the entire system. They disconnected the wire at the junction boxes and by doing that they removed any possibility of us having a quick fix,”

said Jeff Miller of the Esquimalt parks department.

“Thieves hit a number of light posts, leaving wires hanging out of the gaping holes.

“Signs were posted along the walkway to warn park-goers things may be dark after dark until the lamp posts are fixed.”

–‘Victoria waterfront park left dark after thieves strip wires for copper’,
CBC News Posted, June 03, 2016



Meanwhile, the City Council continues to focus on trendy causes:

‘Victoria councillors vote to develop transgender inclusion policy’

“Victoria councillors want to ensure transgender residents are protected from harassment, violence and discrimination {What about the general public who no longer feel safe with their children in parts of downtown?}.

“Councillors have committed to developing a ‘transgender inclusion policy’ and will urge other B.C. municipalities to follow suit.

“There are municipalities across Canada and around the world who have done work on this and are continuing to work on this,”

said Coun. Jeremy Loveday, who brought the issue to council. He said transgender people face violence and discrimination {Examples from Victoria?}.

“I think it’s time to make sure that we have it within our policies and that we’re making sure that our facilities and our programming are ‘inclusive’.”

transgender sign
“Councillors also agreed forward a resolution calling on the province to adopt “explicit protection for transgender and ‘gender-variant’ British Columbians by including ‘gender identity’ {even if it’s only self-identification, and not biological} and ‘gender expression’ in the B.C. Human Rights Code” to the ‘Union of B.C. Municipalities’ convention.

“Coun. Marianne Alto called the move timely.

“In our existing strategic plan, we have made commitments on both inclusion and outreach that speak to the diversity of our community and our residents.”

“Alto noted the federal government has announced revisions to some of its legislation.

“I think it seems very reasonable for us to both urge the provincial government to move in the same direction, as well as to look at the authority we have locally to broaden the inclusion of all of our residents in all of the work we do.” {Try including the general public rather than small groups promoting self-interested ‘identity politics’…}

“Coun. Geoff Young, who supported the resolution, said changes could raise some significant issues

“in terms of provision of public facilities, requirement for provision of facilities for restaurants and so forth, [and] women’s sports identification.” {And, of course, being a typical politically-correct and economically-irresponsible Canadian politician, he makes no mention of the cost, never mind the inevitable lawsuits resulting from this foolishness…}

“Those are not simple questions and I think as we move forward with this it’s important that we start to work through some of these implications and figure out how they should be addressed.”

–‘Victoria councillors vote to develop transgender inclusion policy’,
Victoria Times-Colonist, June 3, 2016



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