‘Ugliness In Mexico’

‘Mexican teachers have heads forcibly shaved for not striking’



“A dissident faction of Mexico’s teachers’ union {the CNTE} is under fire for publicly humiliating teachers and administrators who defied its strike.

“Several school workers were seized in the southern town of Comitan on Tuesday. They were marched barefoot through town with signs hanging around their necks saying they were

“traitors to the country.”

“The hair was forcibly cut off several of them as a crowd watched.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/64tbe5_VvIE

“The victims had been carrying lists of teachers who had attended classes, so they would not be fired for absenteeism under reforms the radical faction opposes.

“Education Secretary Aurelio Nuno says he’ll work with prosecutors to punish those responsible.

“The leader of the faction appeared to defend the shaming on Tuesday, but as criticism mounted on Wednesday, he blamed it on government-planted infiltrators.” {Typical coward…}

–‘Mexican teachers have heads forcibly shaved for not striking’,
Associated Press, June 1, 2016



Mexican teachers have heads forcibly shaved for not striking

“The ‘BBC Mundo’ correspondent in Mexico, Juan Paullier, says these types of incidents are not unusual in Mexican education.

“Last year, alleged members of the CNTE shaved the heads of teachers in Chiapas because they had opposed their strike action…”




From 2013:
‘Striking Mexican teachers go on rampage’

“Teachers in Mexico have gone on the rampage, attacking offices of four political parties and Guerrero state’s education department, after the legislature approved sweeping education reforms without meeting their demands.

Dozens of striking teachers carrying sticks and stones smashed windows, spray-painted insults at President Enrique Pena Nieto on walls and destroyed computers and furniture. They set fire to the state headquarters of the ruling ‘Institutional Revolutionary Party’ {!} and another building.

“No injuries were reported as the teachers, some masked, ran wild after a protest march in the state capital of Chilpancingo.

“Minervino Moran, a spokesman for the strikers, said the attacks were in response to the approval by Guerrero’s legislators of legislation similar to a recently adopted federal education law that requires teachers to be evaluated {and so they should be} and that seeks to remove control over hiring and firing from the teachers’ union {!}.

We as leaders and as a movement endorse these actions because there is a lot of anger, a lot of outrage with the decision the (state) congress made,”

said Moran, a spokesman for Guerrero state’s ‘Education Workers Union’.

“The 20,000-member group went on strike in Mexico’s Guerrero state, where the resort city of Acapulco is located, shortly after Pena Nieto signed into law the sweeping education reform two months ago. Its members have since staged increasingly disruptive protests.

“Guerrero Gov Angel Aguirre told ‘Milenio Television’ that he had instructed prosecutors to issue arrest warrants for those responsible for the destruction.

“The national education law was seen as Mr Pena Nieto’s first major legislative victory after taking office Dec. 1. The constitutional amendment eliminates Mexico’s decades-old practice of allowing the buying and selling of teaching jobs, and replaces it with a standardised national teaching test.

“…The teachers claim the test is a plot to fire them all as a step toward privatising education, although there is little evidence the government plans that.”

–‘Striking Mexican teachers go on rampage’,
Chris Irvine, Telegraph (U.K.)/Associated Press, 25 April 2013



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