‘Nutbars Running Vancouver’

Mayor Moonbeam and the Clown Prince

This is what happens when you elect fanatics:

You might cook with it and heat your house with it today, but by 2050, no one in the City of Vancouver will be using natural gas.

The decision was made in July {by the totalitarian-minded city council} as part of its ‘Renewable City Strategy’. The plan calls for a ban of natural gas, meaning no new buildings can use it and old buildings must be retrofitted to use renewable energy.

{This goes in the exact opposite direction of the provincial government, which is investing in massive natural gas expansion. Taxpayers, of course, are paying for both. It once again raises the question of whether having more than one level of elected government only makes matters worse…}

Restaurants, businesses, schools, and factories must all comply {Even though they were never asked their opinion by these hardcore ideologues}. That will translate into some hefty bills for consumers.

{EVERYTHING that so-called ‘environmentalists’ do costs everyone else, and is seriously damaging the welfare of the poorest segments of society…}

We’re talking about a cost imposed on residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional users of natural gas in thousands and thousands of dollars,”

Jordan Bateman, B.C. director for the ‘Canadian Taxpayers Federation’, said.

{Vancouver is already one of the most expensive places in the world…}

For the average family, we’re talking about $1,400 a year or more just in the energy bills from shifting to electricity, let alone ripping out furnaces or water heaters. Restaurants are going to be hurt if they use natural gas, and schools are facing a $3.5 million bill in higher energy costs if they’re forced to move off natural gas.”

For restaurants, the problem is vastly apparent. Ninety-nine per cent of all restaurants cook with natural gas due to the need for high heat.

{And Vancouver’s tourism is a big part of the city’s income and tax base. If only some of these City Hall clowns – chief among them, the Mayor – had studied economics…or common sense…}

Gas is faster and the heat is stronger, more powerful,”

said one chef interviewed by ‘Global News’.

The question I asked the city when we found about this, inadvertently, is how are we going to handle this?” Ian Tostenson of the ‘B.C. Restaurant Association’ said. “And no one knows. So I’m angry because it creates uncertainty for the small business person, which is not right.”

Phasing out natural gas means consumers must shift to renewable forms of energy, like electricity, which costs upwards of three times more than gas, or methane gas.

The goal is included in the city’s plan to be a carbon-free city by 2050.


Data from the city says 45% of energy used in Vancouver is from natural gas used for building heating. By 2050, they say 40% of buildings will have been replaced and built to carbon-neutral standards. The remaining older buildings will need to undergo hefty {expensive} retrofits to bring their standards up to those of new construction.

{This is how a city loses head offices…and all the associated well-paying jobs…}

Mayor Gregor {‘The Village Idiot’} Robertson hopes there will be a 70% reduction in natural gas use by 2020 and 90% reduction by 2050.

“The plan will cut city-wide building energy use by 30% compared to 2014.

{It will be more than that, with the closed restaurants and office buildings…}

But the city has said their plan isn’t an all-out ban…

Sadhu Johnston, Vancouver city manager, wouldn’t confirm whether the plan will mean builders and consumers will be unable to get permits to install fire places, gas furnaces, or stoves in the near future.

$9 billion is the estimated cost of building dikes and preparing our community for rising sea levels {Which, so far, are VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT!}. So will taxpayers be on the hook for climate change? It’s going to cost us a lot of money,” said Johnston.

Regardless of the city’s {lack of} reasoning, residents of Vancouver are surprised.

It’s April Fools right? You’ve got to be kidding,” said one resident…”

–‘City of Vancouver votes to ban natural gas by 2050’,

Jill Slattery, Global News, September 22, 2016

Mayor Moonbeam and the Clown Prince

Mayor Moonbeam and the Clown Prince

COMMENT: “What do the hydro plants run off of? Bhaaaaaaa, these guys are absolutely bonkers — they should be burnt at the stake.”


Back to coal it is.”


They should ban politicians because they are a danger to both us and themselves.”


Whose wonderful “green” idea was this? Green alright, for the money it is going to cost the people. Think people will start pulling out of Vancouver…”


What do they plan to use then? Electricity? Are they crazy? Who are these people?”


I did my master’s degree focusing on renewable natural gas and the concerns raised are overblown.”


Natural gas is set to become scarce sometime around 3500 A.D.”


Wonderful for the people who think Global Warming is happening. We are due for another “Ice Age.” Somebody is making major amounts of money at this and it sure isn’t the average person in Vancouver.”


It’ll be ‘green’ all right. Bankrupt, but green. 9 Billion is chicken feed compared to trashing the infrastructure and replacing it with orders of magnitude more electrical grid and generation. Do they have any concept about the gross energy scale and the hundreds of Billions of what they are espousing?”


Didn’t the province just invest Billions into LNG?”


Electric heat is Hydro’s worst kind of load — it peaks in the winter when Hydro experiences its highest loads. If everyone in BC switched to electric, Hydro’s peak loads would increase by thousands of megawatts and dozens of single-cycle gas-fired power plants would have to be built to reliably meet these peaks. These plants are only 35% efficient and would sit idle 90% of the time. In addition, billions would have to be spent on transmission equipment to deliver the increased load. Meanwhile, home furnaces are 95% efficient. Using gas for heating is a no-brainer.”


Gregor Robertson — another UN puppet. Robertson is bought and paid for by the ‘Tides Foundation’, funded by the Rockefellers. They pay for his election campaigns, too.”


Vancouver should focus on its third world sewage and waste management systems.”


Greenest city in the world? Obviously that high school drop out has never taken biology. For plants to grow, it needs to use up carbon dioxide (CO2). That dumb azz wants to eliminate CO2 to stop all the plant growth. Try to do an experiment dumb azz. Get a sealed system and remove all the CO2 to see if plants will grow!”


I honestly had to look at the footnotes of this story to see it if was a spoof. This has to go down as one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in years!”



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