‘Sometimes, It’s What The Media Doesn’t Say’

“The thing which stands out most – and is most infuriating – about the opinion piece published by Marwan Barghouti in the ‘New York Times’ is the single sentence below the article identifying the author. “Marwan Barghouti is a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian”, it says dryly. That isn’t an error, that is an intentional deception.

“Anyone who reads the column without prior knowledge of the facts will come to the conclusion that Barghouti is a freedom fighter imprisoned for his views. Nothing is further from the truth. The missing part of the column is that Marwan Barghouti is a murderer. He was convicted in a civilian (not military) court on five separate counts of murder of innocent civilians. He was involved in dozens of attempted terror attacks. He caused people to lose their families and led to people being maimed. He destroyed lives.

Barghouti doesn’t only believe in violence, he also believes that its permissible to lie. He believes in the approach, which typifies terror organizations, that the West is weak and naïve, and so our media and good intentions should be cynically abused to attack us from within.

“The attempt by the New York Times “to be balanced” amuses Barghouti. He understands that this sacred attempt at balance creates equal standing between murderer and murdered, terrorist and victim, lie and truth.

“So Barghouti tells horror stories about torture he underwent during Israeli investigations. There is no factual basis for these stories. The torture he describes is prohibited under Israeli law…

“The reality is that a convicted terrorist is inventing stories about those who imprison him, as prisoners do all over the world, including in the United States.

“Instead of saying to him – as a responsible newspaper should – that if he doesn’t have a shred of evidence to support his stories, then they can’t be published, the New York Times published them in its opinion pages and didn’t even bother to explain to its readers that the author is a convicted murderer of the worst kind.

“The peak of Barghouti’s violent ‘career’ came during the ‘Second Intifada’. It’s worth remembering that it broke out immediately after Israel’s Prime Minister at the time, Ehud Barak, made the Palestinians an offer that the whole world, including president Clinton, thought was impossible to refuse: a withdrawal to 1967 lines, a division of Jerusalem, a humanitarian solution to the refugee issue. Yasser Arafat said “No”, and sent Barghouti and his people to murder Israelis in suicide attacks on buses and in shopping malls.

That’s why Barghouti is in prison. Not for his views, not for his desire for a Palestinian state, not for his right to freedom of expression. He could have – along with the prisoners who are with him – been a free citizen of an independent Palestinian state long ago. He chose the path of terror, murder and violence.

“But the New York Times neglected to tell its readers that.”

–‘What the NY Times didn’t say about Barghouti’,
Yair Lapid, Times of Israel, April 17, 2017
(Yair Lapid is a member of Knesset and the Chairman of the Yesh Atid party.)


Man holds photo of convicted Palestinian terrorist Marwan Barghouti, in the West Bank town of Hebron on April 17, 2017. (AFP Photo: Hazem Bader)

“Marwan Barghouti is a bad man, which is why he’s 15 years into a 40-year prison sentence

In its April 16 Sunday edition, the New York Times published an op-ed by Barghouti, “Why We are on Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons”, with the byline, “Marwan Barghouti is a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian”.

“Israeli officials reacted furiously to the byline’s omission of Barghouti’s “bad man” context. The next day, the NYT released a statement by Jim Dao, editor of the op-ed pages:

“This article explained the writer’s prison sentence but neglected to provide sufficient context by stating the offenses of which he was convicted. They were five counts of murder (of innocent Israelis) and membership in a terrorist organization.”

“Dao did not explain why context was not provided in the first place.

“Similarly, many readers were left to wonder about the same lacuna in the ‘CBCNews.ca’ April 17 article on Barghouti, “Hundreds of Palestinians held by Israel launch hunger strike”. In its original form, the CBC article referred to Barghouti only as the “best-known” of the imprisoned Palestinians and a “popular choice” to replace Palestinian President Abbas, noting that he was arrested for his “role” in Palestinian uprisings, and that he’s serving multiple life terms, without explaining why.

“From April 21 on, though, the CBC article included this paragraph:

“Barghouti was arrested in 2002 during the violent Palestinian uprising and convicted on multiple counts of murder. Israel charged him with directing suicide bombings against its citizens and he was sentenced to five life terms.”

Second Intifada: Suicide-bombed bus…

“These words come verbatim from the Associated Press story from which the CBC article was sourced.

“The context-providing paragraph was only inserted following a complaint to the CBC’s editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire by Mike Fegelman of ‘HonestReporting Canada’ (HRC), which monitors Canadian media bias against Israel. As well, an editorial comment explaining the update, which should not have needed a prompt, was only issued following an added complaint from Fegelman. Even then, the clarification cryptically read:

“This story has been updated to include additional information on Marwan Barghouti.”

“It doesn’t say, as the NYT’s clarification did, that the “additional information” comprised the crucial facts about Barghouti’s terrorist background.

“Really, given its history with HRC, the CBC should set up a hot line for HRC’s exclusive use.

“On Jan 11, following an HRC complaint, ‘CBCNews.ca’ amended a misleading Jan 10. headline that wrongly implied Israeli soldiers killed an innocent Palestinian man, who was in fact an assailant armed with a knife. From “Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank raid,” the headline became “Israeli troops kill Palestinian in West Bank raid; military says he was armed.”

“On Jan. 3, the CBC Ombudsman partially upheld a HRC complaint finding that a November article by Mideast bureau chief Derek Stoffel about the Harper administration’s cutting of core funding to UNRWA

should have included relevant context stating that the funding cut was due to UNWRA’s being closely tied to the ‘Hamas’ terrorist group and was a hotbed for anti-Israel extremism.” …”

–‘When pointing to CBC’s anti-Israel bias, there are plenty of examples’,
Barbara Kay, National Post, April 25, 2017


Marwan Barghouti. (Photo: REUTERS)

“The ‘New York Times’ has given precious space on its op-ed page to a Palestinian man leading a hunger strike in an Israeli prison. But the essay, from Marwan Barghouti, leaves out one crucial fact: he is in prison because he was convicted of killing five Israelis in terrorist attacks more than a decade ago…

“In the piece, Barghouti, a leader in ‘Fatah’, a Palestinian political party, decries what he says is Israel’s unjust judicial system and inhumane conditions in Hadaram Prison, where he currently resides…


“The 57-year-old Barghouti says that he has been in and out of prison since the age of 15. He claims he was tortured by Israeli police at the age of 18 and that he has been targeted because of his political opposition to the Israeli government. He also glosses over his most recent conviction — failing to note that it was for terrorism – and says that it was the product of a “show trial”…

Notably absent from the essay is a denial from Barghouti of the allegations against him. He was convicted in 2004 of orchestrating three separate terrorist attacks in Israel in 2001 and 2002. He was implicated in several other attacks…

Barghouti is reportedly the head of ‘Tanzim’, a military offshoot of ‘Fatah’, the party founded by Yasser Arafat. He is also reported to be one of the founders of the ‘Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade’, a militant group that operated during the’ Al-Aqsa Intifada’, a Palestinian uprising against the Israeli government which left more than 4,000 Israelis and Palestinians dead between 2000 and 2005.

“The Times’ decision to give space to Barghouti and to whitewash his terrorism conviction was criticized by several Israeli political figures.

“Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., blasted The Times’ publication of Barghouti’s missive, comparing the convicted terrorist to Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who killed nine African-Americans in a South Carolina church in 2015…”

— ‘NYT Fails To Disclose Terrorism Conviction Of Op-Ed Contributor’,
Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, 04/17/2017


‘Second Intifada’

“Barghouti has been imprisoned since 2002, having been found guilty of organizing three terrorist attacks in which five Israelis were murdered, and of planning a fourth attack. He was sentenced to five life sentences, plus 40 years. Barghouti was acquitted at the time of over 20 other murders carried out at his behest, with the court finding that the evidence showed only his indirect involvement in those murders…

Barghouti, when and if he leaves prison, is slated to succeed Mahmoud Abbas as leader of the ‘Fatah’-headed ‘Palestinian Authority’

Barghouti has already been freed from Israeli prison twice before — only to be returned to prison each time for even more heinous crimes and murders.

“He was originally arrested in 1976; after his release…he was one of the initiators and leaders of the first ‘intifada’ that began in late 1987. He was ultimately arrested and banished to Jordan, where he remained for seven years. He was allowed into Judea and Samaria in 1994 in the framework of the ‘Oslo Accords’, after promising not to revert to terrorism.

“In 1996, he became a PA legislator and the General Secretary of ‘Fatah’ — which perpetrated many murderous terror attacks over the next several years. He was finally arrested for the last time (as of now) during ‘Operation Defensive Shield’ in April 2002…”

–‘Israeli Politicians Line Up for Barghouti’s Release from Jail’,
Hillel Fendel, Israel National News, Jan.6, 2008


Flags bearing an image of Marwan Barghouti during rally in Ramallah, April 17, 2017. (ABBAS MOMANI: AFP)

“PA Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqi announced that arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti — who is serving five life terms in Israeli prisons for his direct and indirect role in terror attacks that killed dozens of Israelis — would run for a seat on the internal controlling council of the ‘Fatah’ terror movement. Qaraqi said that ‘Fatah’ will support his candidacy,

“out of respect to our leaders in Israeli custody as well as their supporters. Marwan Barghouti is beyond dispute a leader of the steadfast struggle against the occupation prisons.”

As the “dean” of terrorists serving time in Israel, Barghouti is slated to have several streets named after him, Qaraqi said.”

–‘PA to Name Streets After Terrorists in Israeli Prisons’,
David Lev, Israel National News, July 26, 2009



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