‘Holding back the Tide’

“The Mayor of the southern French town of Béziers predicts a Marine Le Pen victory would be like the Trump “revolution against the elite” in the U.S., and slammed globalist candidate Emmanuel Macron and Hillary Clinton as part of “the system”.

“Interviewed by the BBC for Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, Mayor Robert Ménard, who takes a hard line on illegal migrants, said a victory for the ‘Front National’ leader would be a “radical change” which would give Le Pen’s voters a sense they would be listened to and protected…

“Mr. Ménard, who has recently been fined for pointing out the massive demographic shift in schools in Béziers {See below…}, where in one class he said 91% of pupils are Muslim, slammed open borders and globalist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, comparing him to former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I couldn’t vote for Mrs. Clinton as I couldn’t vote for Macron. Because they are the same… They always take advantage of the system. They are the system.”

‘‘Wikileaks’ revealed Emmanuel Macron was working on an alliance with Mrs. Clinton last year before her defeat in the U.S. presidential election. Following Macron’s progression to the second round of the presidential elections on 23 April, the former banker spoke to former U.S. President Barack Obama, tweeting afterwards:

“Let’s keep defending our progressive values. Thank you for this discussion @BarackObama.”


Beziers, France

“French mayor Robert Ménard has been fined by the government for ‘hate’ speech after mentioning that French children were being “replaced” in schools in his town.

“Mr. Ménard, who serves as the mayor of Béziers, was sentenced to a fine of 2,000 euros for the comments he made on ‘Twitter’ in September of 2016, ‘France 24’ reports. The independent mayor, who is supported by the ‘Front National’, then told local television station ‘LCI’ a few days after making the post:

“In a class in the city centre of my town, 91% of the children are Muslims. Obviously, this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance.”

“Ménard wrote he was witnessing “The Great Replacement”, a term used by the French populist right and coined by openly-gay prolific French author Renaud Camus.

“According to Camus’ theory, France and Western Europe are undergoing a cultural and demographic replacement due to mass migration. He argues the last time Europe underwent such a rapid transformation was during the so-called barbarian invasions during the collapse of the Roman Empire in the third century.

Muslim migrants arrive In Beziers.

“The judge in the hate speech case against Ménard assigned one thousand euros for the ‘hate’ speech and another thousand euros to cover the court costs of the seven {so-called} ‘anti-racist’ organisations who brought the matter to court, including the ‘League for Human Rights’ and ‘SOS Racisme’, two organisations who have received funding from Left-wing billionaire George Soros’s ‘Open Society’ Foundations in the past.

“…Ménard’s lawyer framed the issue as an infringement on freedom of speech and told the court not to pass

“a death penalty of the freedom to think”.

“If the truth, what we see, becomes an offence, we can never say anything again,” Ménard said. “I have described a situation, I have said what all the elected officials find and never dare to say…”

“Ménard supports Marine Le Pen in the French presidential race and shares many of the same views on mass migration. Le Pen has promised that if elected she will get France out of the open-border Schengen agreement and has proposed to deport foreign radical Islamists following the shooting on the Champs Élysées that killed a police officer last Friday.”



Bezier: The poster reads–‘The state is imposing them on us. This is it, they are coming’ above the words–‘Migrants in our town centre.’

“Those who advocate integration have the brain of a hummingbird.

“Arabs are Arabs, the French are French. Do you think the French body politic can absorb ten million Muslims, who tomorrow will be twenty million, after tomorrow forty? If we integrated, if all the Arabs and Berbers of Algeria were considered French, would you prevent them [from settling] in France, where the standard of living is so much higher?

“My village would no longer be called Colombey-The-Two-Churches but Colombey-The-Two-Mosques.”

“Ménard, an experienced journalist and founder of ‘Reporters Without Borders’, is unrepentant, retaliating on Twitter by again quoting de Gaulle, adding: “Was de Gaulle a liar?”

“Posting a longer defence of his comments on ‘Facebook’, he added:

“According to the media, I can only be a racist. I said that only Catholic whites could be French. Already subsidised anti-racism organisations are rubbing their hands at the mere thought of the damages they may illicit from me in the courts.

“But here’s the thing: I, of course, never said anything like that. I just recalled that the French were, mostly, and historically, ‘European, White, Catholics’.

“It is difficult, from a historical point of view, to challenge this assertion. But what does it matter for these ladies and gentlemen within the small media/political bubble? …

“It is true, my crime is great. Yes, I confess, I am fighting for my country, still predominantly white and Catholic today, long may it stay that way. I have nothing against minorities – on condition that they remain minorities – and I don’t dismiss the contribution many refugees have made to French culture.

“But I still think Catholicism and Islam do not have the same place in our history and therefore should not be, to the annoyance of our self-righteous citizens, placed on the same plane.

“Being French cannot be reduced to the colour of one’s skin or the God of our prayers. But France has a soul that I want to see preserved, protected, sanctified.”




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