‘Activists Behind Illegal Camps’

This politically-designed camp by people from outside our community was set up for the media. It’s not a response to the true need of the local population.

This travelling circus is dangerous to those both inside and near it – we’re going to move Heaven and Earth to shut it down before anyone gets hurt.” 

“Two B.C. municipalities were in court last week, trying to get injunctions against new tent camps that are trying to get established in their communities.

“One is on a city-owned vacant lot on Main Street in Vancouver. Another is next to the highway bypass in Maple Ridge, an area plagued by transient camps in the past.

“Contrary to the impression left by careless and conflict-happy media reports, these camps are not spontaneous, or the result of harsh economic conditions and cruel government policies. They are staged and funded by an outfit that currently calls itself the ‘Alliance Against Displacement’ {http://www.stopdisplacement.ca/}.

“The Vancouver squat is also being supported by the ‘Pivot Legal Society’ {http://www.pivotlegal.org/}, a long-time supporter and apologist of anarchist and anti-police mayhem that despoils public and private property. Alliance social media posts show campers at the Main Street camp shouting the usual demands for more free stuff, in front of a banner that says

F— the Vancouver Police!” and “Homes Now!

“The front man for ‘Alliance Against Displacement’ calls himself Ivan Drury. He’s been at this for a while. It was Drury who organized a busload of thugs last summer to come from Vancouver and invade Victoria’s notorious downtown “tent city”, when it was already overflowing with more than 100 mostly out-of-town drug users, gangsters and street tourists.

“He’s no slouch as an organizer. The Victoria tour was timed to coincide with a visit from federal Communities Minister Amarjeet Sohi, who met with B.C. Housing Minister Rich Coleman at a Victoria hotel.

“Drury led his posse from the tent squat to the hotel, where they shouted their demands for hundreds of thousands of housing units to be funded by hard-working taxpayers, then staged an assault on the door to force their way in. TV ate it up, as designed, with no effort to explain what was really going on.

(PHOTO: Vancouver Province)

“Fast-forward to the recent B.C. election campaign. Drury picked a site in Maple Ridge, brought in his occupying force of drifters, junkies and career protesters and supplied them with tents. Then he led a delegation of ne’er-do-wells to crash a campaign event for N’D’P leader John Horgan, demanding that Horgan visit the camp he had just conjured up.

“Horgan played along, apparently willing to capitalize on a scene that could be made to reflect badly on the governing B.C.  ‘Liberals’ in a region with two closely-contested seats. At least Horgan was cautious enough not to make any commitments to this self-appointed “activist”, as these guys are invariably described.

“When the RCMP and Maple Ridge bylaw enforcement officers moved in last week to clear the tents, Drury grabbed them off the truck and threw them back on the ground, where the squatters dragged the tents back to the camp, while spewing profanities at the police.

Maple Ridge acting Mayor Tyler Shymkiw

“I tip my cap to Maple Ridge acting Mayor Tyler Shymkiw, who has struggled along with the rest of council to provide shelters and “low-barrier” housing to a seemingly-endless stream of transients looking for a free ride.

This politically-designed camp by people from outside our community was set up for the media,” Shymkiw told the the ‘Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News’. “It’s not a response to the true need of the local population.

This travelling circus is dangerous to those both inside and near it – we’re going to move Heaven and Earth to shut it down before anyone gets hurt.

If only there was a politician at the provincial level who had the guts to say it like it is.”

–‘Standing up to staged tent squatters’,
Tom Fletcher, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows News, May 22nd, 2017
(Tom Fletcher is B.C. legislature reporter and columnist for Black Press.
Email: tfletcher@blackpress.ca Twitter: @tomfletcherbc)

Feature PHOTO: Vancouver Tent City – 950 Main. (Alliance Against Displacement)


COMMENT: “Maple Ridge needs to get this over with. Build a few low income condos. Have a front desk person 24 -7. Put strict rules in place. Have one for low barrier and a nicer one for people who prove they can live by rules of society. When they get kicked out for drug use & crime, arrest them on the spot for drug possession or even loitering, people will have no more excuses. We are a society with rules! They are there for good reasons! I am clean and sober 9 years. I learned how to live. I work. I get by just fine! Time to weed out the ones who are genuine from the ones who have learned to manipulate the rest of us do they can continue this sick lifestyle!

“I can assure you that most of the people who are camping outside and living on the streets are using drugs. When I was active in addiction every penny went to drug dealers including every cent I got from income assistance. If we give drug addicts more money, it will not go toward housing… The addict can not handle money. If you give an addict more money to live off, it will only go to our local drug dealers, hence making the problem even worse!”
“…Our Council has found housing for over 500 people in the last two years. As long as we keep providing housing, we will get more drug addicts coming to Maple Ridge. Just because they are in housing does not stop them from being addicts. We are being swamped by them and Council is doing nothing to stop the tide…”

Unfortunately, another Left-leaning Judge who believes in socialist principles has once again enabled criminality and endangered public safety by interfering in what are clearly political matters and choices:

“On May 17th, a group of residents from the ‘Ten Year Tent City’ trekked to the Supreme Court to defend their ‘charter rights’ against the City’s application for emergency injunction, a court-order to displace the camp with police force. Homeless people and activists launched the ‘Ten Year Tent City’ a week before the 2017 BC election… {As a political ploy…}

“Judge Neena Sharma sided with the homeless residents , agreeing that an injunction would jeopardize homeless people’s ‘charter right’ to life, liberty and security {This ‘interpretation’ of the Charter has been coloured by judges’ Leftist sympathies…}. She said the City of Vancouver had failed to prove that the tent city would cause irreparable harm {Why should they have to do that? They are simply trying to enforce the law – something a judge should be enabling, not interfering with…}. She denied the City their application for an injunction to displace the camp

As this Leftist article correctly notes:
These legal decisions are turning slightly against the general and fundamental colonial rule of Canadian law{!}. These court decisions give homeless and other people who don’t own significant private property more tools to fight against our displacement by corporate and colonial powers…”

–‘Ten Year Tent City beats Vancouver in Court!’,
Maria Wallstam, The Volcano, May 22, 2017


Crissy Brett, the main instigator of the small tent city in Duncan’s ‘Charles Hoey Park’. (PHOTO: Robert Barron)

“Crissy Brett, the leader and spokeswoman for the group of approximately 15 homeless campers that had been camping in Duncan’s ‘Charles Hoey Park’…was the only camper arrested and taken away by police on April 21, when authorities raided the camp after the approximately 15 people on site refused to obey a court order to vacate the park.

“Brett was released within hours of her arrest, according to the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP, after promising to appear back in court at a later date, and was prohibited from returning to the park.

“She has been charged with disobeying a court order.

“More than a dozen police and bylaw officers descended on Duncan’s homeless camp early in the morning of April 21.

“The officials ordered the campers to remove their tents and possessions from the park, and most began to dismantle the camp site with no problems reported. Brett, who was the only one taken into custody, was handcuffed and read her rights.

Shame on Canada, B.C. and Duncan,

Brett shouted as she was being carried to the police van…

Crissy Brett is read her rights. (PHOTO: Robert Barron – Citizen)

“A statement from the City of Duncan shortly after the police raid said the campers were removed because they were in violation of the court injunction issued by the Supreme Court of BC on April 18.

When the campers did not cooperate with the injunction to leave the park by 3 p.m. on April 20, they were given a final notice to vacate the park and remove their possessions,” the statement said.

This morning, the RCMP worked collaboratively with the city to enforce the provisions of the order. Throughout the duration of the encampment, the city maintained regular contact with ‘Warmland House’ to ensure there are beds available for those campers who wished to relocate the shelter.

“But Celestine Norris, one of the campers who was taking down her tent that morning, said she has no idea where she will spend the night.

I’ve been banned from the shelter,” she said under the watchful eyes of RCMP officers. “My ban is supposed to be reviewed in a month. I’m told there’s a place for me in a shelter on Saltspring Island, but I have a meeting with my probation officer on Tuesday so I can’t go anywhere yet. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

“Duncan Mayor Phil Kent said ‘Charles Hoey Park’ is a central gathering place for the community.

While we appreciate the need for more affordable housing in the area, we don’t agree with the campers violating city bylaws and impeding the Duncan residents’ use and enjoyment of the park,” he said…

(Photo: CHEK NEWS)

“The city repeatedly requested that campers vacate the area and when those efforts were unsuccessful, the city sought an injunction against the campers.

“The Supreme Court heard the merits of the case on April 18 and an injunction was granted to have the campers vacate the park by 3 p.m. on April 20.

The campers refused to comply with the conditions of the injunction.”

–‘Homeless camp leader Brett facing charges’,
ROBERT BARRON, Cowichan Valley Citizen, April 21st, 2017

COMMENT: “Crissy Brett is Not homeless. She rents a place in Crofton with her kids.


Brett, a member of the Nuxalt ‘First Nation’ {‘Siberian settler community’} who lives in Crofton…”


Previous homeless camp in Victoria. (Megan Thomas – CBC)

“Less than a year after the tent city on the courthouse lawn was closed by the province, another downtown park is becoming a focal point for homelessness issues in Victoria.

“Reeson Park, a small waterfront greenspace on Wharf Street, next to the Johnson Street Bridge, has long been a spot where a few homeless people might camp overnight.

“But a recent increase in campers and personal items stored on the walkways has drawn the ire of neighbours and passersby, while a planned redevelopment of the park has ‘poverty advocates’ crying foul over displacement of the city’s homeless in favour of ‘gentrification’…”

— ‘New homeless camp in Victoria is growing’,
Sarah Petrescu, Victoria Times Colonist, April 23, 2017


The previous Victoria ‘camp’:
“Fences are up and debris is being hauled away from the now-vacant homeless camp outside Victoria’s courthouse, but British Columbia’s housing minister says the cleanup will be long and costly.

“The government declared Friday that the tent city where hundreds of people had been living since last November has officially been shutdown.

“The announcement came four days after a court-ordered deadline passed. In July, B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled the encampment was unsafe, unsanitary and needed to be dismantled

As the tent city grew, so did crime in the area, along with neighbourhood complaints, while sanitary conditions worsened. The province brought in water, showers and dumpsters, and the city expanded its budget to pay for increased policing

“A bulldozer is scheduled to be on site Monday and soil samples will be taken to determine whether the ground has been contaminated. Early estimates are that cleaning the site will cost between $250,000 and $350,000, Housing Minister Rich Coleman said…”

–‘Victoria’s longstanding homeless camp has been demolished’,
Gemma Karstens-Smith, Canadian Press, August 12, 2016


See also:
Political Correctness Ruining Canadian Cities: Victoria{June 10, 2016}:

Vancouver downtown Eastside homeless tent camp. (PHOTO: Georgia Straight)

From November, 2016:
“A B.C. Supreme Court justice has granted the City of Vancouver an injunction, allowing it to evict homeless campers from a tent city on the Downtown Eastside.

Justice Loryl Russell said sanitation and fire dangers played a role in her decision, so she gave about 15 remaining campers a week to pack up and leave.

Due to the persistent and remaining accumulation of used needles, other biozards — like feces — and garbage thrown out and mixed into the ground at the site and the slippery and unstable ground footing conditions … it’s my view that the site remains a severe health risk and a hazard to both occupants and emergency first responders,” said Russell.

“Russell also acknowledged the difficulty of finding shelter space in the city and the importance of finding safe and stable housing for the homeless, but in the end, she ruled the conditions at the camp were just too unsafe for campers to stay.

Clearly, {part of} the solution to the problem of the tent city at 58 West Hastings is to provide secure affordable housing,” said Russell. “The proposition is simple to state but not so simple to implement.

“She ordered the campers to leave by next Thursday at 6 p.m. PT. She also ordered to city to provide portable toilets and garage bins at the site in the interim and to work with the remaining occupants to help them find housing…”

–‘Vancouver granted injunction to evict tent city campers’,
Mike Laanela and Farrah Merali, CBC News, Nov 17, 2016



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