‘EU Using Migrants To Undermine European States’

The ‘European Union’ continues to work diligently to force the undermining of European nation-states: 

“The ‘European Union’ has announced legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic in a move that threatens to deepen the EU’s east-west divide over ‘migration’ policy.

“The move against the three eastern member states by the ‘European Commission’ came after they refused to accept any ‘migrants’ {‘young Muslim males’} as part of an EU-wide relocation plan for 160,000 migrants…

“The three states — which all immediately rejected the EU decision — could face fines and other sanctions, although the process, if it comes to anything, is expected to take many months, or even years…

“Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban, who has said he is proud to be creating an ‘illiberal democracy’, has led the eastern resistance, publicly attacking Brussels for trying to impose its will on member states.

“To make his point, Mr Orban and his…ruling ‘Fidesz’ party held a referendum in Hungary last October {See below} in which some 95% of those who voted, rejected the quotas.

We will not give in to blackmail from Brussels”, Mr Orban said ahead of the Commission decision in a speech to Hungary’s Parliament on Monday. “We reject the mandatory relocation quota”. …

“Milan Chovanec, the Czech interior minister, accused the EU of “putting its head in the sand” if it thought any refugees forced upon his country would stay, rather than moving onto more prosperous countries to the west…

“Analysts said that the latest Commission decision was unlikely to change the approach in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, where anti-immigration policies are highly popular with voters.

This is bread and water for these countries, politically speaking”, said Andrius Tursa, central and eastern adviser at ‘Teneo Intelligence’, the risk consultancy. “If the EU steps up these kinds of procedures the popular backlash will be very strong”. …

–‘EU migration showdown: divide deepens after Brussels launches legal action against Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic’,
Peter Foster and Matthew Day, Telegraph (U.K.), 13 JUNE 2017


“The Polish ministry of foreign affairs is set to contest European Commission plans to penalise the country for refusing to accept any refugees as part of an EU relocation scheme…

“In response, the Polish ministry said Warsaw had shown solidarity in the migrant crisis by protecting its external borders

We reiterate our position that migration policy falls within the competence of nation states”.

Poland and Hungary have failed to take in a single refugee between them and openly oppose the migrant quota scheme and its mandatory nature.

The Czech Republic took in just 12 refugees last year and none so far this year, and said it wanted out of the scheme because of security concerns.

“Slovakia — the fourth member of the ‘Visegrad Group’ of Central European countries — has relocated just 16 refugees out of the 902 it was supposed to take but will escape sanctions because the Commission is only taking action against countries that have not made pledges to take in refugees in the last 12 months…

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (France 24)

“European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker warned Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka that action was on the cards when they met in Prague last week.

“And in an interview in German newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’, Mr Juncker said:

I am for launching infringement proceedings — not to make a threat, but to make clear that decisions that have been made are applicable law, even if you have voted against it”.

–‘Poland tells EU to BRING IT: Warsaw vows to fight penalty for refusing to accept refugees’,
WILL KIRBY, Express (U.K.), June 15, 2017


Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo (Getty)

“Poland’s Prime Minister has claimed the country “cannot accept refugees” as the EU threatens legal action against nations failing to comply with quotas.

“Alongside Hungary and Austria, it is one of only three countries not to have relocated a single refugee, “in breach of their legal obligations” and commitments.

“This cannot be the responsibility of just a few member states – this must be shared be all,”

said Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Commissioner for migration.

“But Prime Minister Beata Szydło told a press conference there had been no formal agreement to compulsory quotas, which Hungary and Poland voted against.

A critical attitude towards the mechanism of migrant relocation is becoming increasingly widespread in the ‘European Union’,”

she claimed, according to a translation by state broadcaster ‘Poland Radio’.

Poland cannot accept refugees.”

“Austria has finally pledged to accept eligible asylum seekers from Italy, but the EU has warned Poland and Hungary that they have until June to start accepting refugees or face sanctions.

“Mariusz Blaszczak, the interior minister, stuck by the position on Wednesday despite the EU’s warnings.

“Claiming that accepting migrants would have “certainly been worse for Poland” than facing EU action, he told state radio that the “security of Poland and of the Poles” was at stake and drew a link to terror attacks in Europe…

“‘Amnesty International’ accused the Polish government of “trampling over the EU’s founding principles” and urged the EU to take action…”

–‘Poland’s Prime Minister says country will accept no refugees as EU threatens legal action over quotas’,
Lizzie Dearden, The Independent, 17 May 2017


“Hungary has voted emphatically against accepting EU migrant quotas, exit polls suggest, in a cry of defiance against Brussels that is likely to cement the country’s status as the leader of a “counter-revolution” against the bloc’s central powers.

“As many as 95% of voters voted “No” to the quotas in Sunday’s referendum…

“The referendum was the brainchild of Hungary’s hardline conservative prime minister, Viktor Orban, who cast the “No” vote as being in defence of the country’s sovereignty and independence…

“Gergely Gulyas, Mr Orban’s deputy, said the result was

a sweeping victory for all those who reject the relocation plan, for those who believe that only nation states should remain, and for those who believe in democracy.” …

We are proud that we are the first“, Orban added. “Unfortunately, we are the only ones in the ‘European Union’ who managed to have a (referendum) on the migrant issue.”

–‘Hungary referendum: 98 per cent of voters say ‘no’ to EU migrant quotas’,
James Rothwell, Peter Foster and Balazs Cseko, 3 OCTOBER 2016


“The Hungarian parliament has approved a law enabling all asylum seekers in the country to be detained and forced back into neighbouring Serbia.

“Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister, claimed migrants were keeping his country “under siege”. Speaking at a swearing-in ceremony for a group of specialist guards known as “border hunters”, he said that Hungary could only count on itself for protection.

“Mr Orban, leader of the populist ‘Fidesz’ party and a supporter of Donald Trump, has already ordered the reinforcement of fences along Hungary’s southern border and claimed refugees are a threat to Europe’s Christian identity and culture…”

–‘Hungarian parliament approves law allowing all asylum seekers to be detained’,
Lizzie Dearden, Independent (U.K.), 7 March 2017


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One Response to “‘EU Using Migrants To Undermine European States’”

  1. larryzb Says:

    We humbly suggest that nation states leave the EU.


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