‘Sweden Still Avoiding The Truth’

“What won’t you see in this book?

“You won’t see the Muslim violence in Sweden’s public libraries, which has increased so dramatically in the last couple of years that many librarians are looking for other jobs.

“You won’t see a picture of the three condos in which a newly-arrived Syrian immigrant’s three wives and sixteen children are being put up at a total cost to Swedish taxpayers of $1.75 million.

“You won’t see a picture of Muslim “morality police” patrolling neighborhoods and controlling women’s conduct.

“You won’t see Muslim men cutting in front of Swedish women in queues and then calling them “whores” when they protest.

“You won’t see a TV news crew from Australia being physically attacked by Muslims for entering a ‘no-go’ zone.

Assailants set upon Liz Hayes’s ’60 Minutes’ crew as they interviewed people on the streets of Rinkeby, a Muslim segregationist borough of Stockholm, Sweden.

“You won’t see Muslim girls being beaten by their families for removing their hijab.

“You won’t see Muslims setting cars on fire, and then hurling bottles and stones at the firefighters who show up to put out the blaze.

Muslim Arson (Rsyd)

You won’t see a picture of a recent event at which politicians and welfare officials met with residents of Stockholm’s Järva neighborhood to address the prevalence of violence, forced marriage, compulsory hijab, and other forms of oppression within Muslim families – only to be told by the locals that they were not interested in conforming to “Swedish values”.

“You won’t see a picture of the head of the Swedish security service, Anders Thornberg, who, in a TV interview the other day, admitted that the number of potential perpetrators of terrorist violence in Sweden had risen immensely in recent years.

“You won’t see a gang of Muslim youths raping an infidel teenager.

“You won’t see a Syrian refugee raping the fourteen-year-old daughter of the woman who took him into her house out of compassion.

“You won’t see ten men committing a gang rape in August of last year – or their arrest, which finally took place earlier this month because it took that long for the police to fit it into their schedule. They are too busy these days investigating murders to spend much time on rapes.

“You won’t see convicted Muslim rapists being punished by paying small fines and performing community service for a few days…

“You won’t see a Muslim youth perusing the new booklet put out by the Swedish Ministry of Youth and Civil Affairs, which explains to immigrants that Swedish culture ‘disapproves’ of rape.

“You won’t see Muslim girls being raped by relatives – a common enough event that goes unreported because the victims know that if they go to the authorities, they’ll be killed.

“You won’t see a picture of the annual, highly-popular Bråvalla summer music festival, which will no longer be held after this year because the number of rapes occurring at the event has gotten out of hand.


“Of course, Sweden’s current crisis is not an invention of ‘Islamophobic’ foreigners. It has been acknowledged by Swedish police inspector Lars Alvarsjö, who has warned that the scale of immigrant crime is straining the country’s police departments and courts to the breaking point.

“It has been acknowledged by Swedish police investigator Peter Springare, who has said that virtually all of the criminals he deals with are Muslims.

“It has been acknowledged by Malmö police chief Stefan Sinteus, who has said that Muslim immigrants in his city are responsible for an

“upward spiral of violence”.

“And of course it has been acknowledged by the recent history of the ‘Sweden Democrats’, the only party to speak the truth about these problems, and now enjoys so much voter support that the so-called ‘cordon sanitaire’ erected around it by the mainstream parties will soon no longer be able to hold.

“In recent weeks, Norwegians on social media have been sharing a 1977 video
in which Carl I. Hagen, founder of Norway’s ‘Progress Party’, warned that Sweden, by admitting too many immigrants and giving them special benefits, had started down a long road to self-destruction. He saw it forty years ago but even now, many Swedes still refuse to see it…”

–‘Sweden: What You Won’t See in This Book…’,
Bruce Bawer, Gatestone Institute, September 23, 2017



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3 Responses to “‘Sweden Still Avoiding The Truth’”

  1. larryzb Says:

    You seem to have exceeded WordPress’ limit on tags and categories so your post may not have appeared on any. I only saw this as I followed your blog.

    Do not use more than a total of 14 cats and tags next time. Hope this helps you.


  2. Vasilisa Says:

    Thank you for your articles and research. I completelly support you. Best wishes from Russia. God bless Europe, it is in the horrible curcumstances right now.


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