‘Vandals Disrespecting Canada’

“Montreal police are investigating after a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in Montreal’s Place du Canada, was the target of vandals… A video posted to ‘Vimeo’ by user ‘A Fit Na’, shows the statue of Canada’s first prime minister being covered in red spray paint.

“The act of vandalism took place ahead of a large pro-hate, anti-‘white’ demonstration taking place in Montreal…

“A group has taken responsibility for the vandalism. In a statement posted online, an organization — referring to itself as a a group of anonymous local anti-colonial, anti-‘white’, anti-capitalist activists — has claimed responsibility for the vandalism.

“The group targeted the statue, arguing that Macdonald stands as a symbol of “colonialism, racism and ‘white’ supremacy”.

John A. Macdonald was a ‘white supremacist’. He directly contributed to the genocide of ‘indigenous’ peoples {‘descendants of Siberian settlers’} with the creation of the brutal residential schools system, as well as other measures meant to destroy native cultures and traditions. He was racist and hostile towards non-‘white’ minority groups in Canada, openly promoting the preservation of a so-called ‘Aryan’ Canada. He passed laws to exclude people of Chinese origin. He was responsible for the hanging of Métis martyr Louis Riel,” the statement reads.

“The group argued Macdonald’s statue should not be taking up public space in Montreal…

“The activists go on to say their actions were motivated by similar movements in the United States, where symbols of ‘white supremacy’ in public spaces, have been targeted for removal…

“Benoit Boiselle, spokesperson for Montreal police, said they were aware that a video had been posted online, and investigators will be looking into the matter...”

–‘Activists deface statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in downtown Montreal’,
Annabelle Olivier, Global News, November 12, 2017

Feature IMAGE: John A. Macdonald statue in downtown Montreal was vandalized overnight. (Simon Nakonechny–CBC)


Sir John A MacDonald statue in Place du Canada, Montreal. (CTV Montreal)

“The case in support of Sir John A.’s legacy would argue he pushed for the negotiation of treaties with ‘First Nations’ {‘Siberian settler communities’} people in what is now Western Canada as a necessary first step in his plan to unite the country coast to coast.

“This contrasts with the United States’ approach to dealing with ‘First Nations’ via military force, with treaties being signed only after military defeat. In Canada, in part due to Sir John A., treaties prevented wars.

“He was, in fact, our most ardent and first anti-American leader and, thanks to that and his approach to Canadians treaties, he prevented the western provinces from eventually being annexed by the U.S.

“On top of this, Sir John A. brought in legislation that gave voting rights to ‘First Nations’ people without them having to give up their treaty rights, via the ‘Franchise Act of 1885’…”

Trashing Canada’s First Prime Minister{January 12, 2016}:

This disrespect for Canada’s past is fuelled by Leftist teachers unions and university ‘academics’:

“The union representing Ontario’s public elementary school teachers wants the name of Canada’s first prime minister to be removed from schools in the province.

The ‘Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario’ passed a motion at its annual meeting last week calling on all school districts in Ontario to rename schools and buildings named after Sir John A. Macdonald.

“The union says it wants the name change because of what it calls Macdonald’s role as the

architect of ‘genocide’ against ‘Indigenous Peoples’.”
{Racist nonsense. There are far more aboriginals now than at Confederation. He was the ‘architect’ of the Canadian state…}

“Macdonald was prime minister during the time the federal government approved the first residential schools in the country {which taught aboriginal children to read and write}.

“The ETFO’s call comes after a student-led campaign at Toronto’s {Leftist} Ryerson University last month pushed for the school to change its name out of respect for residential school ‘survivors’ {The pejorative — and racist — term for aboriginals who attended school…}.

“The downtown university is named for Egerton Ryerson, a pioneer of public education in Ontario who is widely believed to have helped shape residential school policy through his ideas on education for ‘indigenous’ children.

“And in June, the name of founding father Hector-Louis Langevin was stripped from the building that houses the Prime Minister’s Office on Parliament Hill. Langevin argued for a separate school system with a specific mandate to assimilate ‘indigenous’ children.”

–‘Teachers’ union wants John A. Macdonald schools renamed’,
Canadian Press, August 24, 2017


Sir John A. Macdonald. (1815-1891) (National Archives of Canada–CP)

“The local ETFO chapter president says he won’t support his own union’s motion to call for the renaming of schools named after Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister.

“Dave Henderson, the president of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario’s Hastings-Prince Edward chapter, spoke about the issue with the ‘Belleville News’, days after the union made headlines for the motion, passed at its recent annual general meeting.

The people who put this motion forward talked about it being about reconciliation,” he said. “But reconciliation is about forgiveness and moving forward. This is about finding scapegoats.”

–‘Local teachers union president won’t support controversial Sir John A. motion’,
Stephen Petrick, Belleville News, Aug. 27, 2017


Idle No More, Jan., 2013 (Lars Hagberg–The Canadian Press)

From 2013:
“A statue of Sir John A. Macdonald was found vandalized on the former prime minister’s birthday today, and police in Kingston, Ont., are saying it may have been politically motivated.

“The sculpture, located in a Kingston park, was splattered with red paint and the words “This is stolen land“, “murderer” and “colonizer“, as well as an expletive…

“Police aren’t ruling out any possible connection with an ‘Idle No More’ protest in Kingston…”

–‘Sir John A. Macdonald statue found vandalized on his birthday’,
Canadian Press, January 11, 2013


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