‘Social Justice’ Killing Education’

“Canada’s biggest school system has some problems. Math scores are flat or in decline. Too many kids aren’t doing well in school, and too many of them are ‘visible minorities’. Something must be done. What is it?

The answer is to make ‘social justice’ and “equity” the main focus of education in Ontario. Every school board, school and classroom will be re-engineered to root out {only ‘white’} ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’. School boards will collect data on race and ethnicity to ensure that ‘equity’ {‘race’} is reflected in everything from staff hires to student suspensions. Teaching materials will be revised to be less ‘Eurocentric’ {‘intellectual’}. Children will be taught the {one-sided, Leftist} history of ‘colonialism’, residential schools and ‘oppression’. Kids in the “applied” stream will be placed in the academic stream, because streaming is ‘discriminatory’.

“The ‘social-justice’ {‘communist’} movement has spread across the country, most notably in Alberta and British Columbia. Equality” is no longer the goal. The new goal is “equity, a very different concept. According to a sweeping draft plan prepared for the {racist} ‘Toronto District School Board’, equity is not achieved by treating students fairly {!?!}. It is achieved by challenging

entrenched systems of power and privilege” and “constantly working to centre the conversation around the effects of inequity, oppression, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of hate and discrimination specifically for ‘racialized’ students.”

{‘Racialized’ students are those who see themselves and others through racial lenses – in other words, students who are racist…}

“In other words, kids’ success or failure is shaped by ‘historic forces’ {Marxist terminology} that determine their victim status. (The vexed question of why some “racialized” students do extremely well and others not so well is not addressed.)
{No ‘vexed questions’ are addressed. This is all designed for gullible simpletons and racists – usually one and the same…}

“One mother wrote me that ‘social justice’ and ‘equity’ are now the focus of her son’s school. At parent council meetings, they talk about ‘microaggressions’.

There is no room, it seems, for white children or mixed children,”

she lamented. (Her children are mixed.) In the name of ‘social justice’, Grade 9 math is being de-streamed.

“De-streaming is a big deal these days. Streaming is unjust, we’re told, because kids in the applied stream are less successful at math than kids in the academic stream. This is attributed not to their lower math skills, but to “structural elements” that divide students.

“Putting the applied kids in the academic stream will raise their aspirations, their self-esteem and therefore, their results. As Ontario’s new equity plan says confidently {and foolishly},

Given the opportunity and the right supports, all students can succeed in the academic stream.”

“Teachers know better.

Here’s what will happen with de-streaming,” wrote Don Cooper, a retired teacher, in a letter to the ‘Toronto Star’. “Grade 9 teachers will be faced with a classroom with more academic and social disparity, which will be much more difficult to educate.”

“Translation: Struggling kids will be the losers.

“Where do education theorists learn such dumb ideas? In education school, and especially in OISE (the ‘Ontario Institute for {Communist} Studies in Education’), which is a highly influential hotbed of nutty social theory. The folks at OISE believe that differences in academic achievement are caused by social inequities, not differences in ability. In a ‘just’ world, the education system would produce equal outcomes for all.
{Certifiable insanity…}

“According to the new education theorists, equal outcomes cannot be achieved by equal treatment. The desired policy, as Ontario’s equity plan explains, is

equity of treatment … because it includes acknowledging historical and present systemic discrimination against identified groups and removing barriers, eliminating discrimination and remedying the impact of past discrimination.”

“In the real world, eliminating so-called discrimination can be a terrible idea. For example, the equity warriors want to integrate all special-ed kids into regular classrooms – a move that’s bound to hurt students who need intense hands-on instruction and a structured learning environment. They also want to abolish specialized programs and schools, because they are unfairly skewed toward privileged kids. (Parents went ballistic when they got wind of this one, and the director of the school board was forced to beat a hasty retreat.)

“What’s so awful about ‘social-justice’ doctrine is that it will hurt the very kids it’s supposed to help. It deploys significant resources in the wrong direction and aggressively ignores everything important that we know about kids and school achievement. Decades of social-science research confirm that the biggest predictors of school achievement are family structure effects – family composition, stability, maternal education and socioeconomic status. These have nothing to do with entrenched systems of power and privilege, and everything to do with factors such as having two parents and close parental supervision. Sad to say, all the anti-bias training in the world is not going to change that.”

–‘Your new school curriculum: social justice for all’,
Margaret Wente, Toronto Globe and Mail, Dec.1, 2017


“In 2008…the Toronto District School Board and Toronto Police Service agreed to place police officers in select high schools around the city. The result was a program where some ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’ students said they felt targeted, harassed and intimidated, and where some ‘undocumented’ {‘illegal’} students reportedly feared for their safety.

“Since its inception, the School Resource Officer (SRO) program has faced allegations of racism and discrimination as community members and organizations have questioned how a program that placed police in the schools of largely ‘racialized’ {‘racist’} communities could possibly improve circumstances for youth already being ‘pushed out’ by academic streaming, increased suspension rates {from disruptive and criminal activities} and low teacher expectations. As time passed, the picture became clearer: SROs largely intimidated {‘kept an eye on’}, harassed {‘questioned’} and ‘criminalized’ {‘arrested criminal’} ‘Black’, ‘Brown’ and ‘Indigenous’ youth, and allegedly threatened the safety of ‘undocumented’ {‘illegal’} students.

“That program is now over. At a Nov. 22 meeting, after a six-week review process, trustees from the largest school board in Canada voted overwhelmingly to terminate the program.

“Make no mistake: the landmark decision is the result of years of pressure from {some} students, parents, youth workers and concerned citizens. These people repeatedly reminded the board that it was utterly unacceptable to accept ‘Black’, ‘Brown’, ‘Indigenous’ and ‘undocumented’ youth as ‘collateral damage’ in the push to improve Toronto’s schools {What ‘racialized’ nonsense…}.

It is time for school boards across the province and country to acknowledge the ways in which educational policies and practices continue to be shaped by ongoing histories of colonialism and racism,”

says Gita Rao Madan, who studied policing in schools for her master’s thesis at the {communist} ‘Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’ {Of course…}.

Typical OISE indoctrination

“Still, how did a program with such a terrible track record continue for nearly a decade? The sad fact of the matter is that the people most affected by the program were those at the intersection of two ‘deeply oppressive’ institutions—policing and education {Marxist analysis}—that routinely worked to silence them {?}. Those people, who faced harassment and ‘profiling’ both inside the classroom and out on the street, had little access to the levers of change.

“In response to community concern in the past, the TDSB and TPS had deflected criticism by pointing to so-called “success stories” from the program—accounts of students who loved the baking club being run by Officer Jane or the volleyball team coached by Const. Jim. These are the narratives and images that the TPS and TDSB offered to the public whenever the program faced scrutiny. Now that the program has been terminated, its supporters will likely evoke these images with even greater verve.

“But a line of reasoning that asks communities to ignore the experiences of children being pushed out of schools {mainly because of dysfunctional Third World communities and families} and to instead celebrate the child who loves Officer Jim betrays a failed understanding of the history of community policing in Toronto on the part of those in positions of power. It shows a reluctance to concede that carding, police harassment, intimidation and violence do not stop at the school’s entrance. It is not rooted in ‘equity’.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders. (Rick Madonik — Toronto Star – Getty Images)

“Earlier this May, {‘Black’} Police Chief Mark Saunders responded to concerns expressed about the program at a ‘Toronto Police Services Board’ meeting by noting that a 2011 evaluation of the program showed 58% of students felt safer with SROs {!}. In response, TPS Board member Dhun Noria injected an important reminder:

You mentioned, chief, that 58% of the respondents felt safe [with SROs]. This leaves 42% who do not feel safe {Which includes illegals, and those engaged in criminal activity}. Do we have a report about that? Why do they not feel safe and what have we done about that?

{Now, it will be the 58% who are unsafe. What about them?}

“Terminating the SRO program is an important first step in healing the ‘wounds’ caused by a program that maintained what was effectively a two-tiered educational system, where some students—by virtue of their {fictitious} ‘privilege’—entered schools feeling safe and supported, while others, many of whom were ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’ students, were made to feel intimidated and harassed.

“It is reason for cautious optimism. In light of the results of the TDSB’s review, which indicated that 2,207 students felt that “having an SRO made them feel like they were being watched or targeted at school”, and that 884 students felt “uncomfortable or very uncomfortable interacting with the SRO at their school”, many of the trustees appear convinced that the program is manifestly unjust.

“But more fundamental questions of whether it is ethical to use ‘communities of colour’ as testing grounds for new initiatives involving police {which wasn’t what happpened}—or whether police belong in schools at all—have yet to be taken up in the public discourse. And they should be: the program review that led to the cancellation also recommended that

staff continue to work in partnership with the Toronto Police Service (TPS) to maintain positive working relationships that will ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive culture in every school.”

“Clearly, there is still work to be done in terms of addressing the many complex ways in which ‘racialized’ {‘racist’} and ‘undocumented’ {‘illegal’} youth are pushed out of the school system.

“As a ‘Black’ man {How ‘Black’?} in Toronto, I believe that police have no place in schools {What does that opinion have to do with your skin colour, you racist fool?}… In their examination of the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ in Canada, Abigail Tsionne Salole and Zakaria Abdulle assert,

Youth participants in this research made it abundantly clear that education and knowledge are important to them, however their full participation in school is undermined by surveillance and policing practices.” {How?}

“They continue,

“For these youth, school is not a respite for their ‘unequal childhood’ {?}.”

“At a time when education is so intimately tied to an entire ecosystem of social indicators, the stakes are too high to compromise the safety and integrity of the learning environment for ‘racialized’ {‘racist’} youth.

“Nevertheless, the termination of the SRO is an important ‘victory’ for the {criminal} community and a major decision for the TDSB.

This will require all school boards {No, it won’t…} to confront the evidence that has so clearly been put before them now and for many years prior, and to act in the best interests of all students,”
Madan said via email.

This victory indicates a paradigm shift in which system educators are finally acknowledging that programs and policies rooted in the ‘hyper-surveillance’ of ‘racialized’ {‘racist’} youth and the securitization of schools do the exact opposite of creating safety, equity, and inclusion.”

{No, it’s simply the most radical school board in Canada following the lead of the fools at OISE…}

It took almost 10 years of community organizing in the form of letters to trustees, walkouts, public deputations, teach-ins, op-eds, and, more recently, the recorded experiences of more than 2,000 ‘underrepresented’ students to bring an end to the SRO Program in the TDSB. Moving forward, let’s hope other schools boards will follow the lead of the TDSB by listening to community members and organizations that have consistently maintained that even one unsafe student is one too many.”

{Then what about all the unsafe Canadian ‘white’ children being put into classrooms with kids from violent Third World backgrounds???}

–‘The SRO program is over. What happens next?’,
Phillip Dwight Morgan, Maclean’s, November 24, 2017


“Out of desperation to claim title as the most politically correct institution in Canada, the ‘Toronto District School Board’ has made itself a target for mockery twice in the last month.

“Last week, the TDSB announced that, out of respect for ‘indigenous’ peoples, it was going to retire “chief” from its senior staff nomenclature, changing such honorifics as “chief of social work” to “manager of social work”. They claimed it was a requirement from the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission Report. Only it wasn’t. Critics had a field day ridiculing them.

“A more serious blunder occurred with the publication of the TDSB’s ‘Islamic Heritage Guidebook’ for ‘Islam Heritage Month’ (October).
{Yes, the death cult gets a whole month!
https://www.facebook.com/TDSBIHM/ }

The guidebook — a full 170 pages long — contained a definition of {fictitious} ‘Islamophobia’ that raised alarm bells, to wit:

Islamophobia refers to fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture.”

“It was quickly, and publicly, noted that Islamic politics or culture” was so broad that anything voiced with the word “Islam” or “Muslims” in it, falling short of overt praise (including the rest of this column), could be construed as ‘Islamophobic’.

“A TDSB spokesperson stated the concerning words had been inserted “in error” and would be removed. But there was no “error” in the composition of the definition. This guidebook was composed with infinitesimal care lavished on every single word it contains, as you’ll see if, as I did, you take the trouble to read the whole thing. Instead of “in error”, the TDSB was “at fault. For it seems to me the TDSB officials were so eager to ingratiate themselves with their Muslim partners on this project that they failed to read what was presented to them with a critical eye, and so overlooked the danger the controversial words represented

“I’m also uncomfortable with the guidebook’s soft sell to children on the ‘hijab’

“Normalizing the hijab for young girls, as it happens, is a “thing” in children’s literature, a topic I have been researching for the past few months. I was particularly disturbed by a Canadian book called “Tilt Your Head, Rosie the Red”, targeting seven and eight-year olds, in which an independent young girl who likes to wear superhero capes (feminist empowerment), turns her cape into a hijab for a day so a Muslim girl in her class wearing a hijab won’t feel excluded. I would have liked the book if the young Muslim girl had tried turning her hijab (female disempowerment) into a superhero cape for a day in return {!}, but that didn’t happen.

“By the way, that book was written by Rosemary McCarney, Canada’s Permanent Representative to the UN for Global Affairs. Perhaps McCarney’s next so-politically correct gig can be chief executive officer — or rather, managing executive officer — of the TDSB.”

–‘The TDSB steps on another politically correct landmine’,
Barbara Kay , National Post, October 17, 2017



“If there were any doubt, there is no more: Canada is the stupidest country ever.

“The evidence, already all around, is now irrefutable.

“The ‘Toronto District School Board’, in its efforts to remain ahead of the Ontario government curve on all gender-cultural-political sensitivities, is not only contenting itself with following Education Minister Mitzie Hunter’s directive of early this year to review all potentially ‘indigenous’-offensive team names and mascots, but also has declared war on the word “chief”…

Attempts to find out precisely where in the TRC’s ‘Calls to Action’ section there is any cry for the de-chiefing of the language in Canadian schools went unanswered

“But the fact of the matter is that the word is Latin in origin and comes from the Latin “caput”, meaning head or leader, via the French, where chef is short for chef de cuisine, or boss of the kitchen…
{c. 1300, “head, leader, captain; the principal or most important part of anything;” from Old French chief “leader, ruler, head” of something, “capital city” (10c., Modern French chef)
https://www.etymonline.com/word/chief }

“Because there’s no formal motion or document describing corrective action, it’s impossible to know what precisely staff were told to do.”

–‘Toronto school board declares war on ‘chief’ and all sense’,
Christie Blatchford, National Post, October 10, 2017


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  1. larryzb Says:

    It is ironic that a program that tries to insure there are no losers also prevents there being any winners.

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  2. ‘Training Legal Warriors To Undermine Canada’ – Canadians For Legal Equality Says:

    […] See also: ‘Social Justice’ Killing Education’ (OISE/TDSB) {December 27, 2017}: “Every school board, school and classroom will be re-engineered to root out {only ‘white’} ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’. School boards will collect data on race and ethnicity to ensure that ‘equity’ {‘race’} is reflected in everything from staff hires to student suspensions. Teaching materials will be revised to be less ‘Eurocentric’ {‘intellectual’}. Children will be taught the {one-sided, Leftist} history of ‘colonialism’, residential schools and ‘oppression’. Kids in the “applied” stream will be placed in the academic stream, because streaming is ‘discriminatory’…” https://hectorheisler.wordpress.com/2017/12/27/social-justice-killing-education/ […]


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