‘Driven To Suicide’

“A city councilor in The Hague and member of the Freedom Party took her own life, hours after posting a video on Facebook in which she claimed she was gang-raped by Muslims as part of an intimidation campaign. Willie Dille, 53, reportedly ended her own life two days after sharing a video on social media in which she claimed to have been kidnapped and raped by a Muslim gang over a year ago.

“Dille served as an MP…from 2010-2012 before returning to her seat on The Hague city council. The party’s leader, Geert Wilders, is an outspoken critic of Islam. The suicide was confirmed by local Freedom Party leader Karen Gerbrands who said Dille

could no longer bear what had happened to her and the reactions she had had”.

“Appearing distressed and looking around nervously as she spoke, Dille said in the video that the gang demanded her silence during council debates and that she had recently received a death threat warning that

we will soon cut your throat and let you bleed to death“.

I just want the world to know the truth. 15 March 2017 I was kidnapped, raped and assaulted by a group of Muslims because they wanted me to keep quiet in the Hague city council”,

she said in the video. March 15th last year was the day of the parliamentary elections.

After it happened, I did not tell anyone, I just did my debates the next day.”

“She added that she was leaving politics because she was afraid that someone might hurt her children.

I cannot live with that. They don’t like women at all. They don’t like me at all”,
she said.
That’s why I decided to stop.”

“The video was removed shortly after it was posted online. Police confirmed to ‘RT’ that Dille posted the video on social media on August 6 and died on August 8. They also said that authorities had contact with Dille

on multiple occasions in the past period, concerning the incidents she claimed had happened to her…”

–‘Dutch anti-immigrant politician takes own life after claiming rape by ‘Muslim gang’,
RT, 11 Aug. 2018


“Dille’s husband and a close friend say they don’t doubt her story.

The rape happened, I’m sure that it is the truth”,

Caspar Reedijk, her husband, tells AD.

“Linda, Dille’s best friend, who wants to be kept anonymous, tells the same newspaper:

She wasn’t sick or confused, I had daily contact with her.”

Her husband, I and others who know Willie Dille don’t doubt one second of her story”,

“Linda tells AD. She says she knows why Dille did not file charges, but it’s not up to her to tell the reason for that. She calls the hateful replies on social media to Dille’s death horrible because Willie was the sweetest and most helpful woman she knows.

“Geert Wilders’ statement, released on Twitter, says he was shocked by Dille’s death and that she would be missed “enormously”.”

–‘Dutch politician commits suicide after revealing she was ‘gang raped by Muslims’,
Laura Cat, Voice of Europe, 10 August 2018


Willie Dillie (Facebook)

“The politician had four adopted children and owned a care institution for mentally disabled people and foster children…”


“The PVV released a statement in which faction leader Karen Gerbrands said that the image the outside world is sketching of Dille is untrue.

The image that is now being sketched that Willie would be unstable, I want to firmly deny. Friend and foe will confirm that Willie is a very strong woman who does not let herself be fooled. The video was made after a year of misery, no support from the police or mayor. Willie is a very social, driven, intelligent politician who will never stop defending the free word and who will continue the fight against Islam. The last threat was the proverbial last straw. The way some media report about this is outright disgusting and shows a very wrong bias. Not only Willie was violated, but also the freedom of expression. Media who do not take this seriously should be ashamed…”

–‘Hague city councilor says she was gang-raped by Muslims’,
Janene Pieters, NL Times, August 8, 2018


“Police have arrested a man…for making threats on Facebook after PVV councillor Willie Dille committed suicide. Dille killed herself earlier this month, shortly after placing a film online in which she said she had been raped and threatened by a gang of Muslims {None of whom have been arrested}… The man, who comes from Schiedam near Rotterdam, said on Facebook:

If this does not have drastic consequences, then I will launch an attack. And I am really serious about this. If the state does nothing, my fate is sealed.”

“The man was arrested last week and is being held on suspicion of making threats with a terrorist motive and incitement to commit a terrorist crime…”

–‘Extreme right winger arrested for threats after Willie Dille suicide’,
Dutch News, August 17, 2018


See also:
The Netherlands to Abandon Multiculturalism{August 18, 2015}:
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