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‘Greenpeace Finally Held To Account’

March 3, 2017

‘Greenpeace’ first came to prominence in Canada; therefore, it’s only fitting that what could be the beginning of its downfall is also occurring there:

“‘Greenpeace’, after repeated attacks against Canada’s biggest forest products company for “destroying” Canada’s boreal forests, now says that it was merely stating an opinion about the logging activity, not a fact. {!}

“After years of weathering attacks on its forestry practices, Montreal-based ‘Resolute Forest Products Inc.’ last year sued Greenpeace in United States District Court in Georgia under racketeering statutes, alleging that Greenpeace’s repeated attacks on Resolute, to raise money for Greenpeace, amount to criminal activity.


‘It’s Not A Movie…’

November 23, 2016
PHOTO: Morton County Sheriff’s Department

PHOTO: Morton County Sheriff’s Department

Political protesters like to think that they’re starring in an action movie, with a script that guarantees them both safety and victory over ‘the forces of evil’. Sometimes, however, real life intrudes, After aggressively provoking authorities for weeks, burning vehicles and throwing rocks and bottles at police…:

“A New York woman seriously hurt protesting the Dakota Access oil pipeline faces multiple surgeries and could lose an arm, her father said Tuesday…

“The sheriff’s office suggested in a statement Monday that an explosion heard during the skirmish might have been caused by small propane tanks that authorities said protesters had rigged to explode. (more…)

‘Regressives Force Hearing Cancellation’

September 5, 2016

“These three hooligans are a perfect example of the holier-than-thou mentality that pervades the modern environmental movement. Storm a meeting, scream slogans, insult the industry, play the victim, taunt the police, harass, intimidate and act like a thug…” –Rex Murphy

Arrests At NEB Hearings on Energy East pipeline, Montreal, Aug. 29, 2016 (John Kenney - MONTREAL GAZETTE)

Arrests At NEB Hearings on Energy East pipeline, Montreal, Aug. 29, 2016 (John Kenney – MONTREAL GAZETTE)

“The National Energy Board’s Montreal hearings on TransCanada’s ‘Energy East’ pipeline proposal got off to a revealingly awful start on Monday. A small knot of protesters rushed in, politicians walked out, and the process disintegrated. The NEB has now suspended the hearings indefinitely {What a cowardly, appeasing response! Is there NO leadership left in this country???}. (more…)