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‘Danger: Children In Charge’

July 7, 2016


It’s one thing to make a new flag to advance a socio-political cause but quite another to take an existing Nation’s flag and alter it for your purposes. In most countries, it would be seen as great disrespect to the Nation, and could even be a dangerous endeavour.

However, here in Canada we have a Prime Minister – the nominal ‘leader’ of the Nation – blithely waving a defaced Canadian flag and revelling in the resultant attention. Now, i’m sure he meant well but the fact that it never even occurred to him that it could be offensive and disrespectful to the very Nation he’s supposed to lead is the most disturbing aspect of this. Here’s how one Canadian responded in a ‘Letter to the Editor’:

“I was shocked to see our Prime Minister carrying a desecrated flag of Canada as he led the ‘Pride Parade’ in Toronto this weekend. It is beyond belief that Justin Trudeau would wave the Maple Leaf adorned with a rainbow symbol on each side as he marched. Has he no pride in the flag of his country? Surely, the Conservatives should raise a protest on behalf of all the citizens who still believe in Canada and what we stand for. Is it not an offence to desecrate the flag?”