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‘(Some) People Are Getting Dumber’

May 27, 2019

“People are getting dumber. That’s not a judgment; it’s a global fact. In a host of leading nations, IQ scores have started to decline.

“Though there are legitimate questions about the relationship between IQ and intelligence, and broad recognition that success depends as much on other virtues like grit, IQ tests in use throughout the world today really do seem to capture something meaningful and durable. Decades of research have shown that individual IQ scores predict things such as educational achievement and longevity. More broadly, the average IQ score of a country is linked to economic growth and scientific innovation. (more…)

‘Man Hijacking Miss Universe?’

December 16, 2018

“‘Angela’ Ponce is the first ‘transgender’ ‘woman’ to compete for the title of ‘Miss Universe’, and he’s said to be a heavy favorite to win. Ponce, a 27-year old model from Seville, bested his fellow countrywomen in Spain’s top beauty pageant in June, earning himself the right to compete for the international, if not intergalactic, crown in Bangkok in December.

“‘The Blast’ celebrity website reported Tuesday that Ponce is far-and-away the frontrunner going into the pageant, at least by the reckoning of internet odds-makers. (more…)

‘Social Justice’ Killing Education’

December 27, 2017

“Canada’s biggest school system has some problems. Math scores are flat or in decline. Too many kids aren’t doing well in school, and too many of them are ‘visible minorities’. Something must be done. What is it?

The answer is to make ‘social justice’ and “equity” the main focus of education in Ontario. Every school board, school and classroom will be re-engineered to root out {only ‘white’} ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’. School boards will collect data on race and ethnicity to ensure that ‘equity’ {‘race’} is reflected in everything from staff hires to student suspensions. Teaching materials will be revised to be less ‘Eurocentric’ {‘intellectual’}. Children will be taught the {one-sided, Leftist} history of ‘colonialism’, residential schools and ‘oppression’. Kids in the “applied” stream will be placed in the academic stream, because streaming is ‘discriminatory’. (more…)

‘Wearing A Mask? No Service!’

October 18, 2017

“Quebec has adopted a law that would force Muslim women who wear a ‘niqab’ or ‘burka’ to uncover their faces to use public services.


“The legislation bans public workers — including doctors, teachers and daycare workers — as well as those receiving a service from the government, from wearing the niqab, burka or any other face covering. (more…)

‘Government Aiding Hard Drug Dealers’

May 15, 2017

‘Vancouver’s drug strategy has been a disaster. Be very wary of emulating it’: 

“Last week, Edmonton city hall voted 10-1 in favour of building not just one “safe consumption” site for drugs, but four of them — all within walking distance of one another in one of the city’s lowest-income urban districts.

“The decision was made despite the fact that more than 80% of Edmonton’s fentanyl-related overdoses are occurring in the suburbs — well beyond the reach of the new facilities. The move also ignores fervent pleas from locals, who claim that approving four drug consumption sites will be a death sentence for their already-chaotic and drug-ridden neighbourhood.

“And honestly, it’s hard to see how the locals are wrong. While the strategy of harm reduction can indeed save the lives of addicts in the short term, it can destroy communities if used in isolation.

“These unhappy results can be seen a province away. Vancouver is into its second decade of dealing with an injected-drug crisis. The city has been concentrating more and more services in its Downtown Eastside. The result? Everything seems to be getting worse (more…)

‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

February 14, 2017

“A world that becomes more Muslim, becomes less everything else.”
–Mark Steyn

‘Pakistan Bans Valentine’s Day’:
“Valentine’s Day has effectively been banned in Pakistan after the ‘Islamabad High Court’ (IHC) ruled on Monday to prohibit marking the occasion in public spaces and government offices across the country, effective immediately, regional media reported.

“The court ruling came as the result of a petition started by ‘concerned citizen’ Abdul Waheed, who complained that promoting the holiday in the media and across social networks is

“against Islamic teachings and should be banned immediately.”

“All print and online media outlets have been ordered to “stop all Valentine’s Day promotions”, and celebrating the occasion in public also has been banned.

‘Found On The Net: Letter From Africa’

August 15, 2016


I am a Nigerian from black Africa. I grew up thinking that the white race are godly, godlike, super intelligent and domineering. The white man is highly respected as our former colonial masters but today, that’s not the case. The white race are gradually self destructing as a specie.

Your wisdom or liberalism will destroy you, your societies are the only place on earth where multiculturalism are practiced – you want to please everybody but yourselves. You brought Christianity to Africa, but hate God in your countries. You encouraged us to have one wife, but introduced gay marriage. You taught us how to have laws and govern ourselves, but destroy your constitution to please aliens and their foreign religion (Islam).

You made Christianity unfashionable while you respect the doctrines of a mad prophet. Christians are killed everyday and everywhere, yet your politicians call Islam a religion of peace – you sold the house of Jacob to Ismail because of a bowl of porridge (oil).

No country in the middle east wants the refugees, but your doors are wide open – mark my words, your children will hate your generation, when Islam bares its fangs. The reasonable ones among you, are branded racist, bigot, etc. Your media are pawns in the hands of the new world order chess masters.

My white friends, THINK! THINK!! YOU ARE THE LAST FRONTIER OF HOPE. UNITE AND FIGHT for the sake of your children or someday, there won’t be France but Francistan; Britain – Britainistan; or United States of Arabia. My six pence…”

–Segun Adeyemi

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