‘Perverting the Children’

July 14, 2022

Nice to see some pushback…and, of course, the CBC sides with the perverts:

“‘Family-friendly’ {Only the CBC would call these “family-friendly”} ‘drag’ {’cross-dressing’} events across Canada, many hosted by municipal {taxpayer-funded} libraries, have been targeted by a deluge of ‘hateful’ comments and threats during ‘Pride’ month, prompting multiple police investigations and renewed concerns about the safety of the LGBTQ {Alphabet} ‘community’. 

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‘The Continued Undermining of the Canadian Military’

June 22, 2022

Canada’s history and culture are being slandered yet again by this latest ‘Liberal’ government-incited attack on the Canadian military. Now, Canada’s Christian heritage is under attack: 

While it is easy to imagine Justin Trudeau seriously considering removal of Christian chaplains — given his past shows of contempt for Christians who hold sincere beliefs about abortion and euthanasia — it is a little more difficult to imagine Trudeau giving the middle finger to Jewish chaplains, and in all honesty near impossible to imagine him braving the blowback he would receive from Canadian Muslims if he were to countenance the dismantling of the Muslim chaplaincy on the grounds that Islam isn’t “compatible” with the polytheism.”

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‘Vancouver’s Dirty Money’

May 25, 2022

Greater Vancouver has been at the confluence of the proceeds of criminal activity, large amounts of capital fleeing China and other countries, and a robust underground economy seeking to evade taxes. These three rivers of money coalesce in Vancouver’s property market and in consumer goods.”

It is known as the Vancouver model – a criminal technique that turned the Canadian city into a byword for international money laundering. The term, coined by Australian academic Professor John Langdale of Macquarie University in 2017, described a process in which launderers would simultaneously smuggle Chinese money to Canada in circumvention of Beijing’s cash export laws, while sending Canadian drug money back to gangsters’ bank accounts in China, all facilitated by British Columbia casinos, in a kind of criminal alchemy.

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‘Stairway To Heaven’

May 1, 2022

The final possible legal challenge to ‘Led Zeppelin’s ownership of “Stairway To Heaven” has been defeated. The band were sued for copyright in 2014 over claims they had stolen the song’s opening riff from “Taurus”, by a US band called ‘Spirit’.

Led Zeppelin won the case in 2016, but it was revived on appeal in 2018. A court of appeals upheld the original verdict earlier this year. Now, the US Supreme Court has declined to hear the case, definitively ending it.

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‘The War on Boys and Men’

March 14, 2022

The American Psychological Association (APA) recently released its ‘Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men’. It manages to be simultaneously predictable, reprehensible, infuriating and disheartening — no mean feat for a single document. Make no mistake about it: this document constitutes an all-out assault on masculinity — or, to put it even more bluntly, on men

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‘The Lunacy Underlying ‘Social Justice’’

January 21, 2022

Indigenous peoples have been stewards of this planet since time immemorial”,

{Which means nothing since, in the beginning, ALL peoples were ‘Indigenous’}

tweeted Canadian Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault from the Glasgow Climate Change Conference earlier this month.

The fight against climate change is not possible without their knowledge and leadership.”

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‘Be Careful What You Say’

December 1, 2021

Another offensive Orwellian — and racist — attempt at language and thought control…from the CBC, of course.

{Note: The ‘people of colour’ racists quoted in this story are sadly in need of an education}: 

CBC Ottawa compiled a small list of words, submitted by readers and some of our journalists who are ‘Black’ {How ‘Black’?}, ‘Indigenous’ {To where?} and ‘people of colour’ {A racist term for ‘non-‘White’}. We ran some of the words by ‘anti-racism’ {‘anti-‘White’} and language ‘experts’, who said some of these phrases can be ‘hurtful’ to various groups of people for their historical and cultural context.

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‘The Lockdown Lie’

June 11, 2021

The {StatsCan} report listed delayed cancer screenings, a plummet in Canadians’ overall mental health, and damage caused to low-income Canadians as consequences of the “lockdowns” and “restrictions” put in place by government authorities…

Children and the elderly were both badly betrayed by the pandemic lockdowns. We’ve endured extraordinarily widespread human suffering, long-term economic devastation and reckless government spending for a year… Are the modelling epidemiologists depraved, demented or just criminally incompetent?

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‘Training Communist Police’

May 30, 2021

   “These would be young men and women, mostly men, who have been selected for their ideological purity to come to Canada and pick up some information and then trot back with it to the People’s Republic.”

“British Columbia’s police academy has a growing international police-training program tailor-made for China’s ‘Public Security Bureau’ that critics say is a threat to the country’s security and common values. The ‘Justice Institute of B.C.’ (JIBC) has accepted close to 2,000 {Communist} Chinese law enforcement students, recruits and officials, plus dozens of Chinese state judges, to its purported education and training programs, since 2013 Read the rest of this entry »

‘Black Racism Pays Well’

April 12, 2021

“‘Black Lives Matter’ co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is once again receiving backlash after purchasing a $1.5-million home in a predominately-‘white’ LA neighborhood. Kahn-Cullors created the ‘Black Lives Matter’ hashtag in 2013 after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin. The ‘movement’ grew even more following George Floyd’s death in May 2020.

After facing pressure, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ organization revealed that it had raised $90 million in 2020

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