‘Black Racism Pays Well’

April 12, 2021

“‘Black Lives Matter’ co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors is once again receiving backlash after purchasing a $1.5-million home in a predominately-‘white’ LA neighborhood. Kahn-Cullors created the ‘Black Lives Matter’ hashtag in 2013 after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the 2012 shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin. The ‘movement’ grew even more following George Floyd’s death in May 2020.

After facing pressure, the ‘Black Lives Matter’ organization revealed that it had raised $90 million in 2020

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‘Mr. Bean Knocks Cancel Culture’

March 28, 2021

“British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson has become the latest celebrity to criticize so-called cancel culture. During an extensive interview with ‘Radio Times’, Atkinson, who is best known for his satirical “Mr. Bean” character, said cancel culture was eroding freedom of speech and made him fearful for the future. 

It’s important that we’re exposed to a wide spectrum of opinion, but what we have now is the digital equivalent of the medieval mob roaming the streets looking for someone to burn“,
he said.
So it is scary for anyone who’s a victim of that mob, and it fills me with fear about the future.” 

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‘Three Wise Monkeys Are Now Racist’

March 12, 2021

{Pseudo-}Academics at the University of York {U.K.} removed a depiction of the three wise monkeys from their website after they determined it could be seen as an insult to ethnic minorities. The ‘Three Wise Monkeys’, which embody the Japanese proverb “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and are often used to describe those turning a blind eye to wrongdoing, have become the latest victims of the {racist} ‘Black Lives Matter’ iconoclastic movement in the United Kingdom.

“The organisers of an art history conference at the University of York in England have {foolishly} apologised for their use of the three monkeys in their call for submissions and removed it from their website.  Read the rest of this entry »

‘There’s Blight in the Potato Patch’

March 9, 2021

Does evolution have a turning point, when it sharply reverses course? Have we passed that point? Are we well launched on a downward and implacable slope?

“No surprise there’s turmoil in the potato patch, weeping in the vegetable cellar. It’s all in the wake of that ‘Hasbro’ crowd sucking up to the ‘woke’ crowd and trying to knock the most famous potato in the world, one of the toy company’s top-sellers for almost 70 years, off his — deservedly-earned — ‘Patriarch-of-all-the-Starches’ Throne, the venerable ‘Mr. Potato Head’. 

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‘Freedom of Speech and the Law’

March 6, 2021

As Western law becomes increasingly politicized and ‘racialized’, real Democracy becomes less and less possible…
From the U.K.: 

So far as the law is concerned, nobody in a democracy should express the political belief that a ‘trans woman is a man’ because it may hurt the man’s feelings… The dismissal of her case highlights the extent to which the law has become a menace to the institution it is supposed to uphold: democracy.”

“A researcher who lost her job at a thinktank after tweeting that ‘transgender’ women cannot change their biological sex, has lost a test case… In a keenly-anticipated judgment that will stir up fresh debate over ‘transgender’ issues, Judge James Tayler, an employment judge, ruled that Maya Forstater’s views did “not have the protected characteristic of philosophical belief{?} Read the rest of this entry »

‘More ‘Decolonized’ (Dumbed-Down) Education’

March 1, 2021

Another university going down:
“A top historian today hit back at Leicester University’s (U.K.) plans to drop literary giant Geoffrey Chaucer in favour of replacement modules focused on race and gender. Plans emerged last week to shelve Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”, as well as other works including old English epic poem “Beowulf”, in favour of a ‘decolonised’ {‘dumbed-down’, ‘politically-correct’} curriculum. 

“The University quickly faced a barrage of criticism and a spokesman insisted the authors were not being dropped for being ‘too white‘. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Back To the Middle Ages?’

February 18, 2021

Masking as a benevolent enterprise, the ‘Great Reset’ aims to use climate hysteria and Covid-19 terror as motivators to remake the world in the image of what is nothing less than a techno-fascist global state governed by a patristic group of “experts”, financial magnates and political brahmins.”

“The rise of the educated middle class over the past 250 years is one of the great triumphs of Western civilization. But just as the middle class became ascendant, the intellectual Left began figuring out how to tear it back down, an impulse that has since spread to virtually every privileged element in society. The elite’s war on the middle’s prosperity, social mobility and freedom has been accelerating. Where might it take us? Author David Solway is not alone in thinking it won’t end until we are reduced to a new serfdom that, though partially masked by the peons’ access to 21st century gadgetry and other technology, will be very similar in social structure and oppressiveness to the Middle Ages.”

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‘The Fascist Left’

February 5, 2021

“…The ‘anti-fascist’ movement has a sophomoric misunderstanding of fascism and its location on the political spectrum. More disturbing, this lack of understanding extends to its own social media, and even physical tactics that mimic the mob psychology, street rage and bullying that are hallmarks of the fascism they denounce. 

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‘What’s A Luddite?’

January 29, 2021

“It was early in 1811 that Nottingham stocking manufacturers began to receive letters signed by “General Ned Ludd and his Army of Redressers“. Ludd probably did not exist, although there is some suggestion that the name was derived from that of a Leicestershire farm labourer who had destroyed some stocking frames about 1782. The legend that grew up about him was that he was a Nottingham youth who had his headquarters in Sherwood Forest, like a latter-day Robin Hood.  Read the rest of this entry »

‘What’s Going On?’

December 31, 2020

More Chinese Communist infiltration? The removals occurred in June, 2019; the RCMP was looking into it in July, 2019. To this day, the Canadian government and RCMP have provided no further updates on their status: 

   “We have a researcher who was removed by the RCMP from the highest security laboratory that Canada has, for reasons that government is unwilling to disclose. The intelligence remains secret. But what we know is that before she was removed, she sent one of the deadliest viruses on Earth, and multiple varieties of it — to maximize the genetic diversity and maximize what experimenters in China could do with it — to a laboratory in China that does dangerous ‘gain of function’ experiments. And that has links to the Chinese military.”

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